For Job Seekers: 1. Please upload your passport-size photo 2. You can upload three pdf documents in website for view by employers. You can scan multiple pages into one document. Please upload age proof, PAN card as one document, qualification certificates as second document and experience documents as as third document. You can replace the old documents with revised new documents, any time. Thise will simplify the process of selection and expedite the recruitment process. 3. You can see search jobs and apply on-line, as a free member. 4. You can watch matching jobs matching to your profile and apply in case of interest. 5. When you replying to Employers email, Please quote the reference provided by Employers in your email as a subject reference to enable Employers to link your email to thier Job reference. Please mention Date of email, your name and phone no in your email subject matter 6. In case of interview call letters, make sure you confirm the place of interview before and attend the interview place 15 minute before the specified time. For Employers: 1. You can post Jobs as a free member. 2. You can search jobseekers database and send call letters. 3. You will get matching profiles to Jobs posted by you. 4. You can view the jobseer's documents like qualifications and experience certificates and his photo online. 5. You can send mails to Jobseekers. Please quote Job Reference and email/Letter No & date, Job seeker name and id, invariably in all emails to Job seekers and you can print and file it in your records. 6. You can make online telephonic interviews 7. Reduce the cost of placement services. 8. You can contact us for employment letter drafts and for structuring of salaries and also for organising training of employees